RADO表历史——瑞士雷达表是全球知名腕表品牌,以其创新设计及其革命性材质的使用而著称,旨在打造不易磨损的腕表。从在瑞士林诺创立伊始,瑞士雷达表始终具备开拓进取的精神,时至今日,仍秉持“若能想象,即能创造;若能创造,即能实现” 的品牌哲学。
RADO雷达表不仅是30多个国际设计大奖的荣耀获得者, 同时也是“RADO瑞士雷达表创星大赛”的骄傲创始人,为崭露头角的设计师提供有力支持。设计是RADO瑞士雷达表众多开创性表款的基石,这也是品牌的DNA之一。


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Rado Hyperchrome collection is seriously scratch-resistant, dangerously desirable. Featuring a monobloc high-tech ceramic case, the Rado HyperChrome family represents a breakthrough in technology as well as a step forward in design. Lightweight, extremely comfortable and eye-catching, the Rado HyperChrome is the ultimate every day all-occasion timepiece.

Rado Diamaster is ‘The new face of a Rado Legend’. Subtle, minimalistic and chic are the key words when it comes to the design of this simple, pared-down collection. The new face of Rado has a new face of its own: large open dials for easy readability and an unobscured view. Crafted in high-tech ceramic.

Rado True is Today’s take on the classically round watch face. The complex production process behind these timepieces contrasts with the simplicity of their classic round shape. This represents a reinvention of luxury – transforming sophistication into comfort. Crafted in high-tech ceramic.

This is our Rado Limited Edition of Basel 2017/2018:


Rado True Blaze is blending ostentation and simplicity. Limited to 1001 pieces, the Rado True Blaze is a celebration of glitz and glamour. Housed in a plasma high-tech ceramic case, the watch evokes a disco ball feeling on the wrist. The dial looks as though it were completely covered in a layer of silvery metallic silvers, giving the appearance of a glittery explosion. Despite this ostentatious element, the watch maintains a minimalist feel thanks to the unique placement of the gold-coloured logo and indexes directly on the underside of the glass.

“I wanted to create a simple but innovative piece. Something that reflects my aesthetic and personal design philosophy,” states American designer Sam Amoia, speaking about the inspiration behind the watch. “This is a watch unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” says Rado CEO Matthias Breschan. “The True Blaxe has such a powerful visual impact, which makes it the perfect embodiment of the Rado spirit. Adding Sam Amoia’s unique design sensibility to our collection is a huge enrichment, both for the brand and for our customers.”

This is our Rado Limited Edition of Basel 2017/2018:


Rado True Phospho all is aglow. Housed in a matt black high-tech ceramic with matching bracelet, the True Phospo embraces minimalism, but with playful and unexpected elements. The black brass dial is perforated, allowing the automatic movement below to peek through – a thoroughly modern approach to the traditional skeleton watch.

“We like the contrast between the matt black ceramic and the phosphorescent Super-LumiNova coating,” comment from the three designers behind the Swiss-based collective Big Game, whose creative vision gave rise to the True Phospho. “This colour is not only beautiful, but also functional, as it allows the wearer to read the time in the dark.” “As a luxury Swiss watch company we were of course thrilled to collaborate with the Swiss-based Big-Game, and we couldn’t be happier with the result,” states Rado CEO Matthias Breschan.

This is our Rado Limited Edition of Basel 2017/2018:


Rado True Stratum is depth and asymmetry. A contemporary black beauty, the True Stratum showcases a dial with asymmetrically arranged descending steps, which serve to emphasize the three dimensionality of the concave watch face. Further depth is added to the design with a perfectly centered black dot applied directly to the underside of the sapphire crystal, which hovers over an casts its shadow on the dial. The limited edition True Stratum features matt black surfaces that are crafted in Rado’s signature material, high-tech ceramic.

“In the case of the True Stratum I was playing with materiality, manufacturing processes and the idea of ambient light,” remarks Rainer Mutsch, the Austrian creator behind the watch design. “I was trying to re-question, in a subtle way, how time is displayed by introducing an element of three-dimensionality on the dial. The appearance of the dial changes constantly depending on the light, always creating new reflections and gradients.” “The Rado True Stratum is a beautiful blend of technique, functionality and emotion,” remarks Rado CEO Matthias Breschan. “Rainer Mutsch truly understands the nature of good design, and we’re very happy to have this work in the Rado collection.”

Rado True Thinline is the thinnest Rado high-tech ceramic watch. This is an elegant high-tech masterpiece – one that also resistes blemishes to withstand the test of time. Ultra-thin, amazingly ligh and scratch-resistant, these could be the most comfortable watches in the world.

Rado Centrix is elegance in clarity. The shape and style of the Rado Centrix make this a watch to desire. The tapered lighweight bracelet gently embraces the wrist, offering exquisite comfort as well as uncompromising luxury and sophistication.

Rado Couple Classic is a modern watch with a decidedly vintage feel. Inpired by Rado watches from the 60s, the Couple Classic brings back vintage design with a modern twist. Made in stainless steel with sapphire crystal anti-reflective coating on both sides, some models include middle bracelet links in black high-tech ceramic or warm metallic Ceramos, an accent that is uniquely Rado.